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Giants of Jazz Radio

The home of classic jazz

We had a great discussion with Alan Bramwell of Giants of Jazz Internet Radio over future collaborations with RVJ&B. Agreed that we should work together with options around forming a team of presenters for re-launching The Jazz Show on Ribble FM - Matt E & Miles P, and Phil L and Alan Bramwell. Also Sue Bradley expressed interest about promoting RV Jazz Festival/RVJ&B gigs on Giants of Jazz Internet Radio.

Giants of Jazz Radio pride themselves as being an independent station playing uninterupted classic jazz. They play music spanning a classic period in Jazz history that should not be forgotten. Please help them them get more listeners by spreading the word. "We do not take advertising so please help with a donation." So go and listen, there's lots on the website including Jazz Poetry, Jazz Labels, a Radio Schedule, their list of the 100 best jazz albums, a newsletter etc.


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 "AWESOME station —— you play so much of the jazz that I really love!! I have been listening for about a week now and I do not want to listen to anything else. I keep you on in the background while I am working and pretty much all of the time, except for when I am sleeping. It is very nice to find a station like yours where I don''t have the urge to change the channel. I dare say that 'Giants of Jazz' is the best jazz station that I have ever listened to!!  Thanks and MUCH appreciation!!"

Michael Lindenmuth (Indiana, USA)

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