Supporting Youth Jazz

WorkshopOne of the club's objectives is to actively support young jazz & blues musicians.

Over the years we have supported and actively encouraged youth participation by showcasing young bands at our concerts and by organising music workshops.

Alan Barnes conducting a saxophone workshop at the Ribble Valley Jazz Festival with junior and senior members.

We have made substantial progress on promoting various workshops for individual instruments, and for a swing bands. For instance, Kevin Holbrough from Leeds, an experienced trombonist, lead at a workshop for 5 local young trombonists – a session that was fully appreciated by all participants!

We have succeeded in gaining grants for promoting Youth Jazz, and this has enabled us to set up further workshops. Al Wood, a leading UK big band leader, gave workshop tuition over several months to two Lancashire school bands, St Christopher from Accrington and St Augustine from Billington and this culminated in a performance at the 2010 Ribble Valley Jazz Festival.

Paul Rigby also gave workshop tuition to the John Wickham Trio and Tom Allonby, and their talent is showcased in previous year's Jazz Festivals.

Paul has also given further beginners drum workshops and there have been saxophone workshop by Greg Abate from the USA and Snake Davis and a trombone workshop by Dennis Rollins.

Anyone interested in workshops should contact us by ringing 07870 908 159, or email